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Voted # 1 Music School 2019 And BEST of Oakville for as long as we can remember!

Looking for a great music academy with low tuition fees?  Look no further.

Voted BEST MUSIC SCHOOL OF OAKVILLE for over 13 years!   Diamond Winner 2019!  

Best of Oakville in the Oakville Beaver Readers Choice awards! Thank you! 

Quality & Fun in Perfect Harmony
Addison Music Learning Centre Provides Oakville and Halton with music lessons all year long including summer lessons and summer camps.   Music students may choose the more formal Royal Conservatory exam preparation format, or choose to learn the music they love.  A combination of both is also a very popular approach.  Addison Music Learning Centre combines theory and formal technique training with comprehensive learning and FUN!   Learn to play piano, guitar, drums, sax, flute, clarinet, ukulele, violin or learn to sing.  Every instrument is available for all ages including a specialized Music for Young Children approach which uses the Orff Method to teach children between the ages of 3 - 7 years.
Addison Music Learning Centre provides Halton and Oakville with music lessons in all instruments.  Click to find out more about each instrument or program:

*Piano Lessons  *Vocal Lessons  *Guitar lessons  *Drum Lessons  

*Sax Lessons  *Flute Lessons  *Clarinet Lessons  *Ukulele Lessons  *Violin Lessons 

 *Music classes for young children  *Summer Camps  *Toddlers Music Classes  

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We provide Quality & Fun in Perfect Harmony.  Since 1995 Addison Music Learning Centre has been the music school of choice in Oakville and the Halton area for music lessons in all instruments for all ages, music for young children (mini musicians), and summer camps.

Addison Music Learning Centre is consistently voted Oakville's Best annually by the Oakville Beaver Reader's Choice Awards, and has been voted BEST OF OAKVILLE every year since 2007 in the Oakville Today Reader's Choice Awards.

Addison Music Learning Centre has been the # 1 music school for over 25,000 students in Oakville since 1995 and has been nominated four times for Best Service Provider of the year by Oakville Awards for Business Excellence. 

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violin lessons - lessons for adults - music lessons for young children and Orff Music lessons - toddlers music - summer camps - summer lessons

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