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Violin Lessons and Fiddle Lessons 
in Oakville

Violin lessons and Fiddle lessons for all ages

There are a lot of challenging aspects to learning how to play a violin or a fiddle, but after suffering through a significant amount of screeching and flat sounding notes, the rewards can be delightful!  The upside to learning how to play a violin is that it only contains 4 strings, which in some cases can make it slightly easier to learn than a guitar.  The violin is a very portable instrument that comes in different sizes for various body sizes.  Playing the violin requires a heightened sense of tonal awareness which is good ear training that can be applied to any other instrument.  

4 Week Trial: If you are not sure which instrument to take lessons in, don't forget that we offer a short 4 week trial period. This will provide an ample amount of time to make sure that violin lessons or fiddle lessons are right for you.

Addison Music Learning Centre, 481 North Service Rd W, A7, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 2V6 905-825-8668
Violin lessons in Oakville have never been better!