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WOW!!!!! Mini Musicians Level 2 - Land of the Silverbirch from class sit ins spring 2014  Honestly,  playing an instrument while singing is an extremely challenging multi-tasking skill which involves tons of brain power!  See how well this class handles this! 

2014 Featured Videos from Spring and Fall Recital 

Absolutely stunning performance by Cliona:   Cliona has worked super hard to improve her musical skills since she joined us.  When she first started piano lessons she had very limited piano skills and now she can accompany herself, and, she learned this in a record short period of time!  (That's what happens when you practice regularly!)  As for her vocal skills, she was always a great singer with raw talent but she has refined her voice exponentially over the past two years.  Technically, her voice has improved drastically in pitch, breath control, and I love that she has really improved and strengthened her head voice, (she used to be a pure belter) which is what we strive to teach all of our vocalists.  This is a perfect example of how a strong head voice can improve a performance drastically.  Please take note vocalists.  

Julia is one of our top flute students at the school.  She loves playing all styles but especially shines on this amazing Adele song. 



Students In Concert is our new auditioned performance series.  It has been designed to allow our more advanced, performance ready students to gain valuable performance experience.  Inquire at the front desk for audition opportunities.  Please be aware that with 800 - 1,000 students at the school at any time, & due to time restrictions, there are only 6 students chosen to perform so auditioning is very tight.  However, this also prepares the student for the real world where competition is extremely fierce.  The act of auditioning alone is a valuable experience which can absolutely improve the students skills and musical ability.  

November 2014's show was held at Fionn MacCools in Oakville.   

 Kassandra, Chris with guitar teacher Ian

Mitchell and his guitar teacher Ian 

Our super talented singer/songwriter teacher Danielle singing  one original and one cover

Cliona, vocal and piano student 

This is an original song written by Cliona!  "The day I Ran Away"

Jacob, piano and vocal student 

Our amazing singer / songwriter teacher Tasha (vocal, piano, ukulele) doing one of her original compositions and another cover

Woodwind instructors Ben and Victoria 

One of our great singer songwriter teachers Vanessa (piano, vocal, composition, summer camps) and our administrative assistant/customer service rep Jason.  (Yes even our admin staff is super talented!)  These are original compositions co-written by the two of them.


The beautiful and unique voice of Michaela  

 Video 1 of 5 Christmas Recital 2013

Video 3 of 5 Christmas Recital 2013

Video 5 of 5 Christmas Recital 2013


Video 2 of 5 Christmas Recital 2013


Video 4 of 5 Christmas Recital 2013

Featured Vids Spring recital 2013 
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