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This is a neat story!

Ashley takes vocal lessons at Addison Music Learning Centre and Ashley's mom didn't even know that Ashely played ukulele. It was a secret that Ashley successfully kept while she hid her practicing from her mom.

Then on mothers day Ashely sang and played this song! Now Ashley's mom has not only registered Ashely for singing lessons for summer and September - she has included ukulele lessons too!

Be like Ashley's super cool mom and get cracking on this registration thing ;)
COMING SOON - STUDENT SPOTLIGHT ON KATE!  We are so proud of her for winning FIRST PLACE in the Kiwanis Music Festival!  Way to go Kate and Danielle!  
                            STUDENT SPOTLIGHT JANUARY 2019
Teacher Wall of Fame November 2017

Eva Takes violin and piano at Addison Music Learning Centre and started music when she was at the tender age of 3! She is now 10 years old and in grade 5.   Although she started music very young she only started piano two years ago but she says she likes violin better than piano.  She is a music teacher's dream in that her favorite aspects of lessons are learning scales and technique, not just playing songs!  She is a pretty serious musician, practicing at least 4 times per week for at least 15 to 30 minutes per day.    Eva thinks that flats and sharps are the most challenging aspect of music lessons.  

Eva loves coming to Addison Music Learning Centre and says this about her teacher, "I love how she is funny but at the same time she helps me learn and I always learn new things."

Student Spotlight September 2017

Student Spotlight February 2017

please vote for this great band (Link below) 

Note from owner Kim Addison:  It is with my extreme pleasure and pride to ask for your support for this wonderful student and his talented band.  Chris Silva has been a student at Addison Music Learning Centre for over 10 years taking a variety of instuments. We have watched him blossom into a very talented multi instrumentalist, song writer, and vocalist and he and his band deserve to be recognised for their outstanding achievements in music!  Please vote for Chris and Capitol Behaviour for Their video and song "All Night".  Link is provided below. 

Capitol Behaviour is a band made up of 4 Oakville high school students.  The band started in 2014 when drummer Bennett Blundell and Guitarist Alex Beaton spent an afternoon jamming and recording.  The lead singer Chris Silva and bass player John Beaton joined them soon after.  After being together for over 2 yrs the band is continually recording and working on perfecting their live set.  They play all over Southern Ontario in charity events, summer festivals and local pubs.

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Interview with Christian Silva, February, 2017

What sort of formal music training have you had and how has it helped with your development as a musician?

"I started with piano lessons at Addison Music Learning Centre over 10 years ago, then added vocal.  I switched to guitar/vocal lessons but I still think its important to practice piano at home.  Before taking vocal lessons I sang in church and I sang only in my falsetto back then,  but since taking vocal lessons I have benefitted so much.  Lessons helped me  work through my voice changing and I learned how to sing in many different genres.  I have seen a huge benefit in my overal musicality and quality of my voice and playing.  Before I started guitar lessons I could just barely play but now l can play really well!"

Do other band members take formal lessons? 

"The bands drummer is taking piano lessons and their guitar player is taking vocal lessons."  

 What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences? 

"The band does some acoustic music as well as rock to punk to ballads.   l have been influenced  by The Rolling Stones, Jack Johnson, Kings of Leon, Led Zepplin, The Band …to name a few."

 Do you do cover songs or do you write your own music

"We do a mix of covers and originals."

 Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time? 

"All band members contribute to the song writing.  We write about lots of different things but this will change as we gain more life experiences to write about.  So our music will definitely change as time goes on."

 Does the name of your band have a particular meaning?  Who came up with the name? 

"Christopher came up with the name.  He liked how it sounded." 

Do you ever step outside of your genre and try something a little different?

"We have tried some Uptown Funk and Justin Beiber."

 What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge?

"Finding time for rehersals, jobs, school, gigs, life!"

 What advice  do you have for people who want to form their own bands? 

"Mix up your music.  Don’t just stick to covers or originals.  Do a little of both.  When you start out be in it for the exposure, not just the money.  Money will come later.  Don’t just stick to small towns, try to get gigs in big areas like Toronto."

 There are some pretty awesome opportunities if you guys win the CBC Music Searchlight.  Is this the first time you have entered?  The band must be super excited.

"This is the first time entering.  We are very excited!."

Vote once per day until February 27th!

Student Spotlight March 2016

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dina who is a new student here at Addison Music Learning Centre. Dina has been bringing her daughter here since September 2015 to our Mini Musicians classes and it got her thinking about pursuing some music instruction for herself. Although Dina is no stranger to taking music lessons, she completed 14 years of piano lessons, she wanted to learn an instrument that was portable.

Because Dina can read music she feels that has helped in transferring that knowledge over to her guitar lessons.

Dina enjoys a diverse range of music including Eastern and classical.

She enjoys taking lessons in a new instrument to further her musical education. Her advice to adults thinking of taking lessons for the first time is just “go for it, don’t be scared”. If you enjoy music this is just one of the many resources available to enrich your life and challenge yourself.

So if you have never had music lessons and have secretly admired those who can play their guitar around the campfire or tickle the ivories at a family get together don’t be afraid of trying it. You WILL have fun and you WILL learn something!

We video taped part of Dina's lesson to show you a little of the process of learning guitar.  Her teacher is our wonderful recording artist Danielle. Check out our teacher bios on our Teachers Link!  

Student Spotlight January 2016

Juan Marco is a new student to Addison Music Learning Centre and we are very happy to have him! He is taking guitar lessons and his teacher here is Danielle.

We had a chance to talk to Juan Marco about music and lessons and here is what he had to say.

Juan Marco had a chance to try out a guitar at school and he really liked it so he told his Mom and she signed him up for lessons with us. He had taken piano lessons in the past but say he likes learning guitar better. He is learning to play on an acoustic guitar and once he masters that he is excited to try an electric.

He practices 5 minutes every day and says there is nothing he doesn’t like about his lessons or practice.

He says if he could take lessons in a different instrument he would love to try drums.

In his spare time, Juan Marco enjoys reading and playing sports such as soccer, basketball and tennis and is thinking about playing some football.

Video Spotlight 

Ian and Adam play an original tune that they wrote together in their lesson.  Ian has been teaching at Addison Music Learning Centre since 1995.  Adam has been taking lessons with us since 2013.  He has come so far in such a short time and we are very proud of his progress.  

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