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Woodwind Lessons; Sax Lessons, Flute Lessons and Clarinet Lessons (also recorder lessons) in Oakville: 

Playing a woodwind instrument involves so many parts of the body and mind which can be beneficial to the student in so many ways.  Breath control is a large part of playing a woodwind instrument and there have been studies conducted around the world which have proven that taking sax lessons, flute lessons or clarinet lessons can actually improve the lung capacity of asthma sufferers.  (read one such study HERE)  But it's not just the lungs that are engaged when it comes to these wonderful instruments.  Small motor skills of the hands, fingers, and even facial muscles need to be trained, while the brain multitasks to co-ordinate a successful result.

Which Woodwind instrument is right for your child?  We always suggest to start young children between the ages of 3 - 8 in our Mini Musicians program instead, where, from the age of aproximately 5, the recorder will become their major instrument. However our woodwind teacher also teaches private recorder lessons.   Click HERE for info about our early childhood music lessons. 

Here is some information that may help you choose;

Recorder Lessons in Oakville (This is the main instrument in our Mini Musicians level 3 and up - or you can opt to have a private lesson with our woodwind teacher) 

This is a smaller and lighter version of a clarinet and it has open holes down the front, which makes it much easier for a small child to use. The finger patterns with a recorder are not as complicated which makes it easier to learn. For a woodwind instrument, it makes a great starter instrument since it is so simple to learn.

Because of its simplicity a child as young as 4 can learn to play the recorder, which is a great basic start. However, before starting recorder classes your child should be able to pay attention for 10-30 minutes at a time.

The cost considerations are minimal with a recorder, a plastic model can be purchased for less than $10 at most music stores, while a good quality wooden model can cost upwards of $100. While there is a large price range, it is still much cheaper than most other woodwind instruments and is not as expensive to replace if it is damaged. From a maintenance perspective, a recorder is very simple to take care of as well. 



Sax Lessons in Oakville  

Are The Blues Calling You?  

The saxophone is very accommodating in the early stages of musical development. Within the standard range, notes respond easily, even with the most undeveloped embouchure  (the position of the lips in producing a tone) and breathing technique. The saxophone is not as prone to "squeak" like the clarinet or sound airy and flat like the flute in the beginning. Soon thereafter, however, much attention need be given to the development of good posture, support, relaxation, hand position, breathing, embouchure, articulation, and manual dexterity.

With all of these components functioning independent of one another, it should come as no surprise that taking saxophone lessons demands a great deal of concentration, as is the case with all musical instruments.  Beginners often have difficulty producing the low notes or "bell tones" and the high notes or "palm keys." The extended range or "altissimo register" should not be explored until the player has a firm grasp of proper breathing, embouchure, and tone production. There are three different popular types of saxophone - Alto, Soprano, and Tenor.  It is advised that a younger child begin sax lessons on alto due to its smaller size. 

The cost of a saxophone varies and can run in the thousands. Our Oakville sax teacher highly recommends renting a saxophone until the student is very serious about the instrument because good quality saxophones start at the $1,000 range and up.  Please talk to our music co-ordinator about recommended rental facilities for our students.  

Flute Lessons in Oakville  

Flute lessons are very popular at Addison Music Learning Centre.  The hardest part of learning the flute is mastering the mouth position to create the beautiful sound. Some of the advantages of flute are its amazing portability; it is very small as well as lightweight. Flute players are able to find a home in marching bands, school bands, and even orchestras. 

The downsides of flute are that it becomes very complex to play quite quickly. While it is lightweight, it does involve intricate finger work. While it is easier to play flute than some other instruments, it does still involve learning good breathing skills. Flute lessons can start as young as 3rd grade since it is the easiest woodwind to learn. However, some schools offer flute lessons to children in grades as young as 5th grade as part of a band program. Most flute teachers believe that children should have basic reading skills and a good attention span before beginning lessons.

A student model flute easily costs between $500 up to $1,000 for a new flute and higher quality flutes can run in the thousands.  If you start with a very small child, they will likely need a modified flute that is curved.  Our Oakville flute teacher highly recommends renting a flute until the student is very serious about the instrument, then investing in a good quality instrument.  Please talk to our music co-ordinator about recommended rental facilities for our students.  



Clarinet Lessons in Oakville  

The mouthpiece of a clarinet is a reed, which vibrates to make a sound, similar to what happens when you blow a blade of grass between your thumbs. All ordinary clarinets are the same size, however alto and E-flat clarinets are different sizes, and only appropriate for advanced players. Clarinet is very easy to start, and you will be able to play tunes in a couple of weeks. The clarinet comes apart and is easily stored in a small case for easy transportation.

There are some downsides to clarinet lessons though, small children are usually unable to hold them very well which makes them hard to use. Additionally it takes a good bit of strength to bite the reed enough to play. Clarinet is also a very popular instrument, which makes it very competitive to earn a place in a band, or orchestra. Children are generally able to start playing clarinet around 9-10 years old, but they to have more arm strength than anything else to hold the instrument.

Clarinets range in price greatly, and a reasonably standard quality clarinet can start at $500 for used and run into the thousands.  Our Oakville clarinet teacher highly recommends renting a clarinet until the student is very serious about the instrument, then investing in a good quality instrument.  Please talk to our music co-ordinator about recommended rental facilities for our students.  

The only other major cost is the reeds, which are very inexpensive at approximately $25 for a box of 10 reeds. 

4 Week Trial: If you are not sure which instrument to take music lessons in, don't forget that we offer a short 4 week trial period. This will provide an ample amount of time to make sure that sax lessons, flute lessons or clarinet lessons are right for you.

Sax, Flute and Clarinet lessons in Oakville have never been better at Addison Music Learning Centre!

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Sax, Flute, and Clarinet (and recorder) lessons in Oakville have never been better!