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Tuition payment:  Options:  

Payment option 1: You may pay for the full year up front in one cheque payment due at time of registration. 

Option 2: You may pay for the full year in two post dated cheques, 1 dated for the time of registration and the 2nd dated for ON OR BEFORE November 15th.

This program doesn't offer refunds.  Once your child has taken a space, we turn others away from that space and we have limited availability in our classes.   

Photo and video release details:  Addison Music Learning Centre reserves the right to utilise videos and pictures of all mini musicians classes and Toddlers Tempos classes in any compilation videos, example videos, and sample videos that may be on our website or used to show other parents or potential students activities, songs, etc... that are involved in our classes. At no time whatsoever will we use any names of children or reveal any personal information regarding any of our students in our videos or pictures.  All videos and pictures will be complimentary and tasteful.  

Many parents ask us what happens if their child doesn't like the program.  This is extremely rare and if a child claims to not be enjoying the class this is usually a result of wrong class placement.  In this case the teacher will be consulted and a solution will be found.   

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