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These policies are in place to retain the excellence in music education that our school provides. As a courtesy, we strive to make up cancelled lessons as per our policies below, but it should be understood that WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE to do so. Sometimes it is impossible due to the large quantity of students who attend this school and the overwhelming number of students who cancel on a daily basis. YOUR teacher is the only one who will do your make up beause your teacher has been paid whether you show up for your lesson or not.  

Our teachers are professional musicians and teach as part of their livelihood. These policies are built on the premise that whether a student shows up for a lesson or not, our teachers need to be paid for their time; and the school can not afford to pay the teacher twice for a lesson that a student has only paid once for. That is why, when we do a make up, we schedule it into a time slot that someone else has cancelled.  That means the teacher is being paid for that time slot regardless of who they are teaching.  We will not tack on make up lessons to the end of a term or give credits, as we have already paid that teacher for that lesson that the student has missed and the teacher is not to be expected to give away more of their time for "free".   Respect for these policies show respect for our dedicated musicians/educators.   

If a student finds it necessary to cancel a scheduled lesson the procedures below must be followed:

1) To qualify for a possible make up, (make ups are NOT guaranteed) we require a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation - you must notify the front desk, via phone, email, or in person. Telling your teacher only does not qualify as a cancellation.

2)  We will not give make-ups or credits/refunds for same day (last minute) cancellations. Same applies for no shows.

3)  If there is a make up time available, we will notify you by telephone - please do not try to re-schedule with your teacher

4)  Due to the high volume of students who cancel, we will only attempt to find make up time for 2 missed lessons, per student, per term. We do not guarantee make-ups but generously attempt to get them done by placing your make up into another persons cancellation slot.  If we continually phone you and offer make up lessons and you refuse them at least 3 times, we will stop calling and this make up will not be attempted.   

5)  There are NO refunds once a student is signed up for a term or 4 week trial. The teacher expects the student to continue for the full 4 wk trial and/or term committed to and has been contracted to be paid for this time.

6)  We do not give credits/refunds for cancelled/missed lessons.  The teacher MUST get paid whether you show up or not. We can not sustain a high quality school and retain great teachers without paying our teachers for all booked lessons.  

7)  We will not add make-ups or lessons that have been cancelled by the student on to the end of a term. We will not carry make ups over into the next term.

8)  Only under extreme circumstances will Addison cancel your lesson. If your teacher cannot make a scheduled lesson, he/she will provide a substitute teacher and the student agrees that if a substitute is provided, the student will take and pay for the lesson. No make-ups are given due to substitute teachers. Substitutes are necessary in all educational environments.

9) You will be charged $25.00 for any NSF cheques.

WE STRIVE to make up all cancelled lessons, but it should be understood that WE DO NOT GUARANTEE to do so. Sometimes it is impossible due to the large quantity of students who attend this school and the overwhelming number of students who cancel on a daily basis.

If you do not understand or respect these policies click HERE to read a letter from a parent who has written a very comprehensive letter that may help with understanding why most schools do not give make up lessons at all.  We believe our make up policies are very generous for our students. 


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