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In every key there is a natural progression of chords starting on each note of the scale within the key. Roman numerals are used to describe the positions within the key.  ie:  I = root or 1st position - also referred to as the tonic of the key, ii = second position, iii = third position...

Musicians often refer to these "positions" when describing a chord progression to their fellow musicians.  IE:  I - V - IV - I in the key of C would refer to C - G - F - C
or  in the key of G this would refer to G - D - C - G
or   I - VI - ii - V in the key of C refers to  C - Ami - Dmi - G (the A and D are minor chords because that is what occurs naturally within the key signature of C)

1) Use arrow beside Clef to choose clef, 2) Below that use arrow to choose key, and 3) Click chord construction/position within the key (ie: I (1st position), ii (second position), iii...)where you would like to caculate the chord, 4) Click notes to listen to the chord.





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