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 September Pre-registration for Private Lesson Students

We do not like giving away your spot without hearing from you.  

Please let us know asap what your plans for your time slots will be.   

 If you want to come back to us,  pre-registration is priority because at the end of June we are usually over 80% booked!!! 

***PLEASE NOTE:  Generally best way to proceed is to KEEP the spot you have if you can still use it, and then wait until after the week of June 1 to see what new options become available.  This will insure that you will not be left without a spot!

----------How to keep your SAME time slot for September---------

SAME DAY AND SAME TIME:   Please CLICK HERE or reply to the email we sent, or call us at 905-825-8668 (leaving a message on our answering machine will be sufficient)                                                                                                                                                                                            

TUITION DUE DATE:  To complete the booking for your SAME time slot full term tuition must be left before June 1.  

----------How to CHANGE your time slot for September----------

We will not know what spots will be free to switch people to until after the week of June 1. 

CHANGE YOUR TIME SLOT:  please CLICK HERE or reply to the email we sent, or call us at 905-825-8668.  We will attempt to fulfil your request and we will contact you with results as soon as we are able. 

TUITION DUE DATE:  To complete the booking for your CHANGED time slot full term tuition must be left upon registration.


WHY do we ask for these payments up front?  This will help our admin staff exponentially in September to give you the best customer service for the many scheduling issues we have and the hundreds of phone calls we receive, instead of concentrating all our staff's time and efforts on accounts receivable for 1,000 students.    


REFUND POLICY:  Just because you are paying up front doesn't mean you are stuck with us ;).   You are entitled to a full refund up to the end of June.  After June your are entitled to a full refund MINUS $102.  After August 15th there are no refunds.  

Please be aware that when we hold your spot all summer, we are turning away numerous students from your spot.

By completing these steps you will be fully booked for  the Fall Term.

 If we do not hear from you by June 8th

If we haven't heard back from you at all by June 8th the pre-registration period will have ended and we will have to allow NEW students to take over ANY spots they want.  You will be at risk of losing your spot.  So even if you are not sure yet, if you let us know  your intentions it would be a great help.   

 If you can not continue in September We will miss having you here, and appreciate that you let us take care of your family's music education. 

Please let us know as soon as you're sure about this, and others will be also grateful as it will help them plan their fall activities

Tuition Amounts and yearly Schedule click HERE

Educators at Addison Music Learning Centre: Please be aware that some of your teachers may be changing their schedules or not returning for the next school year.  If this is the case with your particular teacher please be assured that the teachers who are taking over their schedules are well-trained, and hand picked by Kim Addison, who is a University and College educated musician herself.  She has been screening and hiring candidates successfully since 1995!  and Addison Music’s quality and excellence is of the utmost importance to her. 

Our music educators are self employed musicians who put performance gigs first.  So, if they have an opportunity to perform, they may leave us, or sub out occasionally.  This is the life of a full time musician and in order to have the opportunity to study with these performing musicians, we have to respect that this aspect of their professional life is important to them.  




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