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Continuing music education for young children

For those who are graduating from their current level of Mini Musicians/ORFF class and are moving on to the next level (Congratulations!), you are being given priority choice over the spaces in next year’s classes, so please reserve your spot in the next level by leaving your deposit and post-dated cheques with us starting Monday May 6th and no later than June 8th.  After June 8th all spots not reserved by full tuition payment will become available to new students and can no longer be guaranteed to be available. As some of you know, spaces in some classes are very limited and some disappointed students were turned away last year due to tardiness, so please do not delay with your tuiton payment and post dated cheques.

We are sorry, we can not hold your spots all summer long without ALL payments collected due to the popularity and limited availability of this course and our teacher.  

 We are now starting to email you.  Please respond to our email to help us out. 

Pre-Registering for Children Graduating to Private Lessons:  Children who are graduating from Mini Musicians into private lessons will have a chance to select their instrument, teacher and time slot from June 8th onward once we know what spots will be available.  Please email or speak to us at reception to help you pick the appropriate path to take onward, or CLICK HERE AFTER JUNE 8TH to put in a private lesson registration request.   


 Addison Music Learning Centre, 481 North Service Rd W, A7, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 2V6 905-825-8668
Music lessons for young children in Oakville have never been better!