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Piano Lessons are fun and a perfect way to challenge your brain!

Become ambidextrous with your hands and  multilingual with your brain.  Learning how to play piano is not only a fun, life enhancing skill, it also helps strengthen motor skill coordination and brain power.  Just think about it;  one hand playing notes in the treble clef, one hand notes in the bass clef, while simultaneously reading and interpreting music. Wow!  Playing piano well is not only an amazing accomplishment, it is also a language learning, brain enhancing endeavour. 

At our Oakville location we can provide you with piano or keyboard lessons in any style; ie:  jazz piano lessons; classical piano lessons; pop piano lessons; and when it comes to popular music, our teachers are current with the styles and happy to teach music that is fun and motivational for any student.  The piano student may choose to learn music they love, or follow the Royal Conservatory Exam preparation program.  Or, combine both popular music learning with RCM music mixed in which is a very popular approach to keep any student motivated and loving their lessons.  

We are often asked if piano lessons are the best way to start children in music lessons.  Here is our stance on this subject.  If your child is between the ages of 3 - 8 we would prefer to start them in our Mini Musicians Program.  These are music lessons in Oakville specifically designed for this age group.  Click HERE for more info.  As for children over 8, when it comes to starting music lessons, any instrument is fine.  Music lessons in general will teach the language of music which is the most important factor. 

4 Week Trial:  If you are not sure which instrument to take lessons in, don't forget that we offer a short 4 week trial period.  This will provide an ample amount of time to make sure that piano lessons are right for you.  

Piano lessons in Oakville have never been better at Addison Music Learning Centre! 

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Piano Lessons in Oakville, Ontario have never been better!