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BEFORE YOU CONTINUE, is your child between the ages of 1 - 1/2 to 8?  If so, please click HERE for our Early Childhood/Orff music program.  This program is SUPERIOR to private music lessons for this age group.                                  WHY?  Click HERE to find out.


Music Lessons for Kids in Oakville
Train their brains and start early!  
At Addison Music Learning Centre - Music Is Fun! - That's why we have so many kids and tweens taking music lessons at our school.  We make sure that our environment is upbeat, friendly and motivational to put the kids who take music lessons at our school in the mood to make music and train their brains to become more focused! 

Our Oakville music teachers;
  • Design each music lesson to the child's needs and goals
  • Motivate and engage children by playing and learning popular music or music geared towards their interests
  • Instill a sense of accomplishment and self esteem which can help your child develop in many different areas of their life
  • Can be available for periodic parent updates to discuss teen involvement and practice at home

Click HERE  for articles about the benefits of music lessons for all ages.   

FOUR WEEK TRIAL: Not sure which instrument your child will love to play?  Like to try one out first?  This is the opportunity to choose an instrument without a long term commitment.  But also feel free to sign up for a full term or year if you are sure of what you want.  Music lessons for children are so beneficial and will help to improve their quality of life for now and forever.

Click  on any of these links to find out a little more about music lessons in each instrument 
Music Lessons for kids in Oakville, Ontario have never been better!