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Bass Lessons in Oakville 

If you often find yourself humming the bass line of a favorite song, or if you generally enjoy being the steady anchor that holds everything together, perhaps bass lessons are for you.  The bass usually outlines the root of the chord in a song while also playing the chord tones to further establish the tonal centre.  Also, the bass player must have a very keen sense of rhythm and tempo as he or she is of major importance when establishing the groove.  Since most like to be the shiny lead guitar player in a band, choosing bass as an instrument may also guarantee that your skills will be in demand, simply because of the numbers of available bass players.  

Is your child old enough for bass lessons?  Usually we prefer starting any children between the ages of 3 - 8 in our early childhood music program  - Mini Musicians.  These music lessons are specifically designed for the small hands, growing motor skills, and energetic bodies of that age group.  Click HERE for more info on that great music program. 

4 Week Trial:  If you are not sure which instrument to take lessons in, don't forget that we offer a short 4 week trial period.  This will provide an ample amount of time to make sure that bass lessons are right for you.  

Bass lessons in Oakville have never been better at Addison Music Learning Centre! 


Addison Music Learning Centre, 481 North Service Rd West, Unit A7, Oakville, Ontario L6M 2V6 905-825-8668

Bass Lessons in Oakville, Ontario have never been better!